About Us

Our mission is to provide you with simple and strategic advice. 
We will do this by providing you with all the information you need to make informed and empowered financial decisions.


We consider every aspect of your situation and your goals, and then provide solutions based on our extensive research.


Our advice is presented in an easy to understand manner.

Our Team

Rod Lingard 


Financial Planner and Managing Partner 

Rod's career in the financial services industry started back in 1996, at Heritage Building Society. Since then he has worked with some of the major 4 banks and large institutions, across many roles including Banking, Financial Planning and Lending.


Rod's focus is to ensure that his clients have a robust plan in place to help them achieve all of their goals. He helps his clients navigate the complex world of financial services by providing suitable solutions that are straight forward and tailor made for you and always with your best interest at heart.


Rod provides a holistic approach to your wealth creation strategies, from your initial investment of owning your first home to planning for your retirement.


Contact Rod to start the journey from where you are today to where you want to be.