Budgeting and Managing Debt

Managing debt is rapidly becoming one of the most important pieces of the financial puzzle. We will help assess your budget identify ways to reduce your debt.


We offer assistance in organising your finances effectively to maximise savings and potentially limit tax liabilities. 

Protecting Your Family's Lifestyle

Utilising insurance to protect yourself and those you love is important. Insurance provides financial security and depending on your policy, life insurance can pay a benefit in events such as your death, disability or upon being diagnosed with a specified illness. 

We provide guidance and assist you with choosing the right policy for you personal circumstances.

Wealth Creation

You’ve made a start, but now you want to grow. We can help you to get started with a road map to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

We monitor the performance, and fees and charges, of your savings, investments and super to provide you with best of breed products backed by our ongoing service and advice.

Preparing For Your Retirement

Superannuation is probably the most important element of planning for your retirement. Superannuation is money set aside throughout your working life to provide for your retirement. Helping you to understand the unique tax benefits of superannuation is one our fundamental strategies. Superannuation can also provide benefits in the event of death, illness or accidents. We will help you understand:​

  • How much super you will require to achieve your retirement dreams

  • The suitability of investments in assets such as cash, property and shares

  • What an appropriate investment strategy is

  • If a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) is of benefit.

Transferring Your Wealth

Estate planning is the management of your affairs to ensure your wishes are put in place following your passing. We have access to estate planning specialists who can help to ensure your estate planning wishes are implemented. 

Financial Stress Counselling

Zoe Slater meets people struggling with financial stress. However, many don’t ask for help because of their pride. It’s this belief or feeling of shame that stops them. This causes a financial slide, potentially losing all things dear to them, love, health and wealth.


Unmanaged financial stress leaves you feeling overwhelmed, resentful and exhausted. It affects your decisions in all areas of life, including your work capability, cash flow ability, relationships and health.


Zoe teaches strategies to ensure you’re…

  • Not taken advantage of financially

  • To control of your emotions and habits that sabotages money flow

  • Be aware of the deep drivers regarding your worthiness of financial success


Zoe is a qualified Counsellor, registered member with both the Queensland and Australian Counsellors Association. 


If you are struggling with financial stress contact us today to find out more about Zoe’s program might help you.

Grief Counselling

No one knows how they will cope after losing a loved one. The strongest have crumbled and the weakest have risen. One moment you feel strong, the next you’re lost and numb.  Memories of your last interactions can either haunt you or comfort you.


You don’t have to be alone; help is available to support you through the dark days and help you adapt to the loss of your loved one. Grief Counselling can save and change your life and those that depend on you.


With over 20 years’ experience Zoe knows that losing a loved one is a destabilising life shattering experience, affecting your health, relationships and wealth. This is why Zoe created the ‘We Care’ program.


Zoe’s major three concerns and focus for you are;

  1. You’re not alone and you can grieve in your own unique way.

  2. Avoid the danger of getting stuck in the grieving process

  3. Not to be taken advantage of during this vulnerable time.


Zoe’s Success Model includes a unique Self Care approach to help you create the next chapter of your life. A life that is full and meaningful.


Zoe Slater is a qualified Counsellor and a registered member with the Queensland and Australian Counsellors Association.


If you are grieving the loss of a loved one contact us today to find out more about Zoe’s program.

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